I’ve got some feelings about some things.

I’m angry. I don’t understand how we have gotten so far from the foundation our founding fathers laid for us.

Benjamin Franklin predicted that we would end in despotism. At the rate things are going, it appears he may have predicted right.

Both Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson preached upon the importance of having a United Front.

Franklin did not whole heartily agree with the constitution before signing it. Though he viewed it as flawed, he also saw the flaws within himself. And he refused to speak against it publicly in fear of creating separation. Bite your tongue he said, believe what you believe, but it is more important to be united than to speak upon your own individual opinion.

Now I understand freedom of speech and the importance of staying true to what you believe. But there is no way we could ever come to one agreement that all of America whole heartily agrees with. I do think what our founding fathers were trying to communicate was the idea of choosing your battles. Follow the majority for the sake of the greater good. I sacrifice the errors I see in this doctrine to the public, Franklin said. There will be things you don’t agree with and there will be things you do agree with.

But regardless. Stay united. For the sake of our citizens and for the sake of the perception the surrounding foreign nations have of us.

I understand it isn’t as black and white as I just painted it to be. But I feel like we, as a society, have taken the idea of “I have a voice” to an entirely new level. It is no longer, ‘listen to my enlightening ideas that will change the world.’ Rather, it’s now, ‘pay attention to me because I’m saying something unique. And I’m only saying it to get attention not because it’s what I truly believe.’

When did going against the majority and creating separation become popular?

I understand we come from a generation that doesn’t want to conform. But that doesn’t mean we should create such separation simply in attempt to gain individuality.

We are all in a committed relationship with our nation; and we should treat it as such.

In order to successfully coexist with another human being, we must keep in mind that they are a different human with a different mind that produces ideas that will not always parallel those that are produced by our own minds.

So how do we go about engaging in a healthy relationship with someone that we do not always whole heartily agree with?

We compromise. We meet each other in the middle. We listen to one another and respectfully disagree. We do not lie, we do not lose ourselves, we do not protest in rage, and we do not resort to violence. We find common ground. No, it is not always an easy task. In fact, very rarely is it an easy task. But we love each other, so we push through the hard, uncomfortable conversations. We have an understanding, opened mind, and a forgiving heart.

And we do not forget to stay humble. Franklin said that with age he gained more life experience and more knowledge. The more experience and knowledge he gained, the more apt he grew to question his own judgment, and trust that of others.

Get it together, people.


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