Semester Review

I began this blog last month per a class assignment, Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media. During the time of this crash-course-one-month summer session I have learned, how to launch a blog, the basics of coding HTML, how to write for media outlets, how to create an app prototype, basic tips for design, basic photography skills, and how to record and edit a proper interview.

Though my blog currently lacks a grand amount of attention, its growth in stats is consistent. According to my stats, July 7 of this year is my highest ranked day, walking away with 11 views, 8 visitors, and 4 likes. I believe this to be so due to my post covering an interview done with a fellow traveler. It is a well written post with an attached self-produced interview, lending a different perspective on travel.

The week of June 27 is my highest ranked week, with 36 views, 8 visitors, and 5 likes. I agree with this week being my most successful due to my post about packing smart. It was is a well organized, informative post that answers all the question I had before I headed out for my adventure.

I’ve been surprised watching these numbers grow. I initially failed to believe that I had an opinion others would find interesting enough to read about; in fact, someone all the way in Italy found their way to my blog!

The slow success of this blog has taught me that we all have something interesting to say, and if we are willing to share, others will be willing to listen.

Overall, Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media has been one of the most informative course I have completed. I anticipate that I will be using my new found blogging skills, my HTML knowledge, and media presence abilities in my future career. Honestly, there really isn’t anything I learned from this course that I feel I will not be able to use going forward.

Though my time in this class is coming to an end, I intend on continuing with my blogging. To receive updates about my future posts, follow me on twitter! 



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