Pastries and Coffee

Pastries and coffee.

That’s all you get for breakfast.

My first morning in Spain I woke up jet lagged and starving. Navigating through the hotel I chased the scent of fresh brewed coffee. Thrilled to finally find it, I was quickly disappointed when I discovered that pastries were the entree. No eggs. No bacon. I sat back in my chair, put the porcelain coffee mug to my lips and thought “so this is roughing it. I don’t know if I can do this for 6 weeks. I need waffles.”

Walking out of the Hotel I entered a world I hadn’t seen before. Santiago, Spain is a fairly small place. Small enough that one could walk it ten times in a single day. Small in size, yes, but rich in history. I won’t give you a history lesson but if you care to expand your knowledge (which I highly encourage) click on this link:

Standing in the City Center of Santiago I felt that the proper emotion to have would have been pure bliss–pure bliss is what I had longed for. But I just felt lost. It wasn’t romantic. I didn’t dance in the rain or find love. I was just really freakin’ lost. This was upsetting to me. I saw The Lizzie McGuire Movie (don’t laugh, I know you did too) I was suppose to become an international pop star, and I was not having a good start.

Walking through the streets, I noticed that the parks weren’t parks at all. They were workout centers provided by the city. In the two hours I spent at said park, I watched two middle-aged men and one not-so-young lady isolate the workout stations. They all walked over by themselves at different times, each seeming as though it was part of a daily routine, performed their workout regimens then carried on to their next destination.

This got me thinking. Here I stood being 150% lost, and here they were, standing in the same park I was in and yet they were performing daily routines. Just because I was lost didn’t mean everyone else was lost. And if everyone else knew where they were going couldn’t I figure out where I was going? Maybe ask for direction? Maybe being lost wasn’t as scary as I thought it was.


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